I use to be a cardio junkie! 

The longer I did cardio, the more weight I thought I would lose. That couldn't have been further from the truth. 

If fact, I actually lost muscle, my body looked flat & my joints began to ache. (you would think extreme low back & knee pain would stop me from running.)

I no longer pound myself into the ground or stay on "dreaded" cardio equipment.

I leave the gym (or usually my living room) feeling better than when I started. Otherwise it's just another stressor.

So, your probably wondering what changed? 

I discovered jump roping and never looked back.

10 minutes of jump roping is the equivalent to 30 minutes of running & burns up to 360 calories in 30 mins. (it's also portable & can be done anywhere!)

I now workout smarter, for shorter periods of time (usually 10-20 min a day). 

If done correctly, it's very low impact!

Rather than focusing on weight-loss, I switched my mindset/goals to have more energy and move without pain!

Happy Jumping! 
-Angela Dawes



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