05/02/2016 12:25am

As you achieve each of the smaller tasks, it will help build your confidence that you are indeed on the right path. As your confidence builds, so will your motivation.

07/25/2016 10:42am

This bodyofmine blog has been giving us useful information about plank challenge really very helpful for all. Thank you for better updates with this blog. I have got best tips and concepts, keep it up.

10/11/2017 6:11am

Oh, yeah. I remember when this challenge was a thing. It was pretty funny.

11/18/2017 4:34pm

I am not sure how and why this plank challenge started before. My friends used to be really fond with planking. They will just do it anywhere they want and take note, anytime they want to do it as well. I always remind them that they should choose the right place and time for that. I am not a kill joy type of person, just to clarify. It's just that I can't take too much of these kind of things. Well, I admit there are times when I do the same thing with them, but I make sure that it is in the right place and time. Well, how would I know if that is the right place and time? Honestly, I don't know as well, I just feel it. Sounds funny, but that's the truth.


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