1. Flax Seeds
Also called Linseeds; Known for its essential fatty acids and fiber which is effective for eliminating toxins from the body. They play an important part in proper cardiovascular and immune system health, brain and joint function. Many have trouble digesting flax seeds, so either grind them in a coffee grinder or purchase them already ground.

2. Chia Seeds
Their high content of omega fatty acids increases healthy brain function. They have also been proven to be good for your heart, by fighting high cholesterol and heart disease.

3. Spirulina
An algae, with it’s top two ingredients being protein and omega fatty acids. Also rich in chlorophyll, iron and essential amino acids. They're great for helping remove toxins from the blood stream, while naturally boosting the immune system.

4. Camu Powder
Comes from Peru and are packed with more vitamin C than oranges. Vitamin C has been linked with stronger immune systems and protection against viruses, helping you fight colds and keeping your skin healthy and vibrant.

4. Maca Powder
Originated in Peru and has been used for centuries for its healing properties. Maca is renowned for the support it provides for the natural functioning of the endocrine system.

5. Wheat Grass
Contains many essential minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium. It’s known for its ability to boost immunity, support liver detoxification and aid in digestion.

6. Cacao Nibs/Powder
Rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. The antioxidants boost your immune system, which helps resist colds and sickness. Considered nature’s “chocolate chips." It's rich, chocolaty flavor is dessert-like, which helps to resist sugar cravings.

7. Plant-Based Protein Powder
Proteins function is to build and repair cells for growth, development, and function. Adding a plant based powder can help build strength within the body, as well as boost workout recovery. It will also make your smoothie feel more substantial.

8. Coconut Oil
If you’re exercising for weight loss, then coconut oil will be an important ingredient for you. The fatty acids fight body fat by converting into energy that boosts metabolism as opposed to saturated fats that add body fat.

9. Goji Berries
They’re known for their healing strength. High in antioxidants and amino acids, but the real strength is they have more than 20 vitamins and minerals. These nutrients have been used to strengthen eyesight, fight against viruses and balance hormones. 



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They have also been proven to be good for your heart, by fighting high cholesterol and heart disease.


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