#1: Doing too much cardio
It’s a huge mistake to think that the best way to get “lean” or “toned” is by doing lots of cardio. Being “toned” simply means you have less body fat covering your muscles, making them look more defined.  Without adding muscle, you’re not going to achieve that look.  If you’re doing hours and hours of cardio, you’re going to burn away your hard earned muscle. Don’t misunderstand, cardio is an important component to any fitness regime just not hours on end, and if your goal is obtaining muscle.

#2: Poor nutrition
Whether your goal is to lose fat or to gain muscle mass, the quality of the food you consume should always be top priority. Too often those who are looking to lose weight will restrict not only calories, but nutrients as well. Those who are looking to gain muscle often choose to rely on supplements rather than good-quality whole foods. There is no magic potion that will get you to your goals. When designing your diet, you want to map out your nutrition needs. You will either decrease or increase your total calories in order to achieve your weight goals. 

#3: Expecting the same results as someone else
Every body is different. We all have different body types, different strengths and weaknesses and different cellular reactions from foods. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Some seem like they hit the "genetic lottery" and can eat whatever they want (just because they can, doesn’t mean they should), while you on the other hand may have to work harder. Genetically, we are predisposed to handle energy consumption in different ways. Some people can store more of it as fat (and need to eat more to feel like they have enough energy), while others efficiently burn more as fuel and can remain thin.

#4: Believing everything you read
Just because information gets published in a magazine, doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Health and fitness claims are made everyday via the television, Internet, social media, etc. Many individuals look to those sources for knowledge and motivation. Just be cautious and know that not everything you may hear or read is realistic. Don’t fall into the “get fit quick” trap. To get fit and healthy takes a lot of hard work, consistency and should be a lifelong journey that doesn’t end. 

#5: Inadequate Sleep
Many people take pride in the “fact” that they can get by on small amounts of sleep. The reality is, that most people go through their days sleep deprived. Inadequate sleep affects your workout in the same way it affects others areas of your life. You will see reduced performance, focus, intensity and results. The same symptoms will often show up in your performance at your job and in your relationships.

#6: Overtraining
Overtraining can cause serious problems and injury. Not listening to your body’s warning signs is a sure way to put your health at risk. Marathon workouts, working out too frequently, lifting too heavy, compromising form, taking steroids, ignoring injuries, following workouts that aren’t tailored to your fitness level or needs--all contribute to overtraining. Symptoms that you may be overtraining include: joint pain, fatigue, disordered eating and sleeping patterns, and depression. Overtraining will not only hinder your workout short term, but it can often cause long-term physical and psychological damage.


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