Do you have any of the following symptoms??
fatigue, brain fog, bloating, sleepiness, weight gain, or depression. 

If so, try eliminating grains from your diet for at least 4-6 weeks & see how you feel.

Causes Inflammation
The more refined the grain, the more inflammatory it is due to the high starch content. Chronic inflammation is linked to: body pain, skin flare-ups, arthritis, allergies, asthma, cardiovascular disease, bone loss, emotional imbalance & even cancer. 

Prevents Mineral Absorption
Your diet may be rich in vital nutrients, but by eating processed & improperly prepared grains, you’re not fully absorbing nutrients from the foods you eat. However, sprouting & soaking grains neutralizes phytates & renders the nutrients.

3. Associated with
 Digestive Issues
Many are sensitive to gluten (a protein found in most processed grains) which is very hard to digest & can damage your gut. Intestinal health is critical for overall health. If you’re gut isn’t healthy, you can’t absorb nutrients from foods. Your body than becomes malnourished & more prone to disease. Grains are associated with a condition called, leaky gut syndrome. Tiny particles of grains, can slip through the intestinal walls causing an immune response. 

5. Stimulates Food Cravings
Foods rich in carbohydrates give you quick energy, but it wears off quickly. Grains break down into sugar, creating a rise in insulin levels. When those levels fall, you crave more grains & the vicious cycle continues.

Poor Nutrient Density 
Compared to meat, seafood, vegetables & fruits, grains are a poor source of bioavailable nutrients.

A list of grains to avoid are found here!



My mom used to tell me to cut down my grain intake because it can be bad for me. She doesn't really explain how it could affect my health, that's why I made a research. I never knew that grains can cause many health problems. Thank you for sharing this information, it is useful for all people who wants to start a healthy lifestyle. I would remove grains from my diet.

11/02/2017 12:45pm

Hmm, that's reasonable. Now I understand why I need to dump them away.


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